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Unlike traditional sleep cures, The Sleep Expert System doesn’t focus on the symptoms of sleep difficulties, it addresses the root causes. We look beyond the superficial to uncover the core of your sleeping difficulties and provide a holistic solution that works across all facets that contribute to the health of your rest and wellbeing, embracing the mental, physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

If you have almost given up hope that you will be able to sleep well again, don't. This program is like no other, and, it works.

As seen in...


1 in 3 people suffer from insomnia

In this amazing program, you will discover...



How to increase your "brainwave flexibility" to easily reach a delta (sleep) brainwave state for deeper sleep.


Nervous System

How to trigger the relaxation response and accurately read your nervous system.


Sleep Mindset

How to adopt effective attitudes and beliefs towards sleep. How to eliminate the fear of not sleeping.


Stress & Anxiety Patterns

How to identify and change the thought patterns that produce ongoing underlying stress or anxiety. Switch off the racing mind.


Sleep Strategies

Effective strategies and relaxation techniques to get to sleep quickly and easily.



How diet, exercise, and technology affect your sleep, as well as some other lifestyle factors you may never have thought of.

What clients are saying...


She gets it... And it works...

“Working with Elina has changed my life. She really understood the struggle that I was facing, having experienced insomnia firsthand.”

– Mich, Perth, Australia

I had tried so many things to improve my sleep - acupuncture, hypnotherapy, CBT, meditation and so much more. I almost gave up. I'm so glad I did Elina's program. I am sleeping better than ever, and am so much happier!"

- Ben, NYC, USA



I'm so much happier

“Working with Elina was the best decision that I’ve made in years. Her coaching improved my happiness levels, my feelings of self-worth, helped me understand my anxiety, improved my ability to relax, as well as my sleeping. Elina is very genuine and caring."

- Edel, Melbourne, Australia

"I feel so much better every day! Now I love waking up - in a great mood!" - Hanna, London, UK


I'm off sleeping pills

“I’m so grateful to Elina for the difference she’s made to my life. I’m off sleeping pills and I feel like a different person. I’m happier in my daily life and everyone is noticing the difference. "

– Paul, San Diego, USA

I couldn't see a way out before meeting Elina. I had tried so many different things without getting results. But Elina had been through insomnia herself, and understood everything in a way other practitioners did not. Her approach is very different. I can happily say I am now sleeping well and am medication free!"

- Shelley, Sydney Australia



Don't put it off...

“Elina didn’t just improve my sleep – she changed my whole life.”

– Lindsay, NYC, USA

"Elina is a sleep magician. I wish I had found her sooner"

- Daniel, Sydney, Australia

"I feel like myself again" - Andrew, LA, USA

"I had tried so many options. I was about to simply resign myself to poor sleep. I am so grateful I decided to do Eina's program. She's worked out the keys to great sleep." - Zoey, Brisbane Australia

The program will help you to:


Fall Asleep Faster

Yep, no need to have more nights lying awake twiddling your thumbs


Stay asleep

Discover why you wake up during the night and how to sleep straight through


Wake Up Refreshed

Yep, no need to have more nights lying awake twiddling your thumbs

Sleep is the cornerstone of our vitality:

Feel good. Feel happier.

When we sleep well we produce more "feel good" hormones which make us feel happier and more motivated. It also reduces our stress hormones, helping us to feel calmer during the day.

Better relationships

Sleep improves our ability to get on with others. We are happier, more tolerant, more relaxed, and have more energy.

Improved health

Sleep is the time our cells and organs regenerate, we build muscle, our hormones are balanced, our fertility is improved, our immunity increases, and it keeps us young.

Mental clarity

Our brains effectively "clean out" while we are asleep. This means you can think so much more clearly.

Save time

We are more effective and productive when we have slept well. This means more time for the things we love.

Even....weight loss

Sleep affects the production of our hormones regulating appetite and snack cravings, as well as our metabolism.

We deliver this ground breaking program to you through:

Group sleep coaching sessions
We have 8 weekly live online group coaching sessions

Support resources
You will receive relaxations, guided meditations, and various other resources to support you along the journey

Program materials
You will receive videos and notes - something to suit all learning styles

Online support
You will have access to online support for any questions that come up for you

Stop persecuting yourself by lying awake at night, waking up tired, having a foggy brain, or not having the energy to do the things you love. Start sleeping well again. It is totally possible.


elina winnel the sleep expert sleep coach

Elina, The Sleep Expert

I know first hand the devastating effects that lack of sleep has on a person’s life. My experience with chronic insomnia began while working in finance. Sleep deprivation negatively affected every aspect of my life.

My self-healing journey led me through years of intensive study into the core nature of sleep difficulties. From the conventional to the unconventional, the progressive to the ancient; I scoured the globe to educate myself on the science and art of sleep. Along this journey, I developed my own unique methods to target the key elements critical to restoring the body, mind and soul back to natural sleep. An approach that not only worked, but led to fundamental and positive change.

My years as an insomniac were some of the worst in my life. But ultimately, insomnia was the unlikely antagonist that started me on a journey that led me to some of my best and most rewarding experiences. I believe it’s so important to remind people of this: the road to sleep recovery doesn’t have to be a struggle. For my clients, it is a process of great discovery that’s fun, exciting and enlightening. And, most of all, a humbling reminder that sometimes suffering is our greatest teacher.

To me, each person I support in this process is a privilege and a gift.

I invite you to join me on this rewarding journey.