How Sleep Affects Fertility In Men

There’s a huge link between sleep and fertility in men, and much of it is thanks to the sex hormone testosterone. So, if you are looking to start a family, it may help to look at your sleep, to optimise your testosterone and hence fertility.


What does testosterone have to do with sleep?

Testosterone is elevated during sleep, but youll need to sleep for at least three hours before your testosterone levels rise. Conversely, testosterone decreases when youre awake and decreases even more the longer youre awake. 

This handy hormone is super important when considering fertility. Testosterone is vital for both libido and fertilisation, so increasing testosterone production with good quality sleep is important when looking to start a family.


There’s a golden number of hours of sleep ideal for male fertility


Seven to eight hours sleep and going to sleep before midnight creates the healthiest sperm, one study says.


Thanks to a study in 2017 involving over 900 men, we know between seven and eight hours is the ideal amount of sleep for male fertility. The study looked at everything from bedtime to sleep hours and created numerous groups to compare and contrast. They found those going to sleep after midnight, and those with less than seven, or more than nine hours sleep had decreased sperm count, survival and motility.


Sleep deprivation and late bedtime causes an increase in Anti-sperm Antibody production (ASA), a naturally occurring antibody that causes direct problems with male fertility.


Fertility and sleep are clearly linked in men and women

The evidence is compelling in both men and women, showing direct links between good quality sleep and enhanced fertility. Insert link to article on female fertility In men, by boosting testosterone and avoiding sleeping too little or too much or getting to sleep too late; you can boost your fertility.


If you dont know how to achieve good quality sleep to boost your fertility, talk to us to find out how you can achieve your best sleep.