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Ever wondered what’s the key to happiness? It turns out you don’t need more money, you just need more sleep!

The Living Well happiness index, developed by Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research in the UK, has found that sleep has the strongest association with a person’s happiness and wellbeing – well above money.

Researchers asked thousands of people across the country questions about their relationships, finances, and lifestyle with the goal of uncovering what it truly means to live well.

What they found was somewhat surprising: that being more rested is more beneficial to wellbeing than if your disposable income was increased five-fold. [WATCH THE VIDEO HERE]

In short: getting a better night’s rest will have a far more profound impact on your happiness, than that pay rise you want!

For us at The Sleep Expert, this study highlights the need for a cultural shift in the way we perceive and prioritise the size of our bank account vs. the quality of our ZZZ’s

The fast-paced, competitive world of our Western society where the hard working and constantly striving are rewarded and often glamorised, has conditioned us to believe that sacrificing our rest for the pursuit of material success is the way to a more fulfilled life. We are seldom taught to reflect on the consequences that this ‘sleep less, work harder’ mentality has on the things that really matter – like our productivity, health and interpersonal relationships. And, unfortunately, we often don’t learn the value of sleep until chronic insomnia, disease and burnout set in.

The results from the Living Well study offer crucial insights for us all and invite us to look at how we prioritise sleep in our everyday lives. All-in-all they are a simple and welcome reminder that, sometimes, all we need to feel better is just a little more sleep!

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